Antis Claim Hunters Use Dogs As Wolf Bait

Earlier this month, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation reported on an anti-hunting lawsuit aimed at stopping Wisconsin’s wolf hunt.  The lawsuit, filed by a coalition of Wisconsin humane societies and several individuals, against the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), claims that the use of dogs to hunt wolves violates the state’s animal cruelty laws and seeks to block the issuance of all wolf hunting licenses.  Despite the fact that the State’s animal cruelty laws do not apply to hunting, the groups claim that hunting wolves using dogs will result in dog fighting and that it violates the animal cruelty law.

Apparently worried that their case could be thrown out, the anti-hunting groups have filed an amended complaint with some new allegations about wolf hunters and hunting.  The claims are so outrageous that I’m not sure whether sportsmen should be furious or just laugh.  Here they are:

Hunters are trying to adopt dogs from shelters to use as “bait” to hunt wolves.  You heard that right, their lawsuit now claims that hunters have been going to local humane shelters looking to adopt dogs to be used as bait to lure in wolves.

This allegation is so outrageous that it probably doesn’t even warrant much of a response.  There is absolutely no evidence to support this jaw-dropping claim.  Hunters invest a huge amount of time and money into training and breeding top quality hunting dogs and certainly do not use dogs as “bait” to hunt wolves or other game like bears.  In fact, they’re trained to only track and chase game, not to engage it.  It shows just how low anti-hunters will stoop to attack hunting.

Hunting wolves with dogs will cause more livestock depredation.  They’re also now claiming that using dogs to hunt wolves will somehow cause an increase in wolf-livestock depredation.  They claim that hunting wolves with dogs will drive wolves from their established territories and closer to livestock farms.

What they fail to mention is that the entire purpose of the wolf hunting season, including hunting with dogs, is to help bring the state’s booming wolf population down to a more manageable level.  Wolf hunting will help reduce livestock depredation, not increase it.

Dogs used for hunting wolves will surround and scare people in the woods.  The lawsuit now claims that one of the plaintiffs, described as a “wolf tracker,” could find herself scared and surrounded by packs of unleashed hounds while she was in the woods looking for wolves.

To me, I’d be much more scared to find myself surround by a pack of wolves than a pack of hunting dogs.  Hunting dogs are trained to track and follow game and are not interested in chasing and surrounding people.  Hunting with dogs is not new, dogs have been used to for hunting many types of game (bear, raccoon, etc.) and there has never been a problem with hunting dogs viciously surrounding and scarring people.

Packs of wolves not scary?

Hounds – terrifying!

It’s easy to laugh these arguments off as nonsense, however, they need to be taken seriously by the sportsmens’ community.  They’re being used by the antis as a way to show that they’ll be harmed (called legal standing) by the WDNR’s rules regarding hunting wolves with dogs.  If they can convince a judge that these ideas aren’t so far fetched it will help to keep them from getting their case dismissed so they can continue to pursue a ban on wolf hunting.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and its Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund continues to monitor and evaluate the case.

9 comments on “Antis Claim Hunters Use Dogs As Wolf Bait

  1. Christian Kimmel says:

    well al know that these people are morons and don’t have a clue when it comes to things that they do not understand or participate in.

  2. It is not so much they do not understand these groups may well know better but use these far fetched claims to sway a public that has no clue to there side. Just a few short years ago cockfighting was legal in many states and was an honorable sport. The same antis now attacking hunting used claims as “Made up” as getting shelter dogs for wolf bait and people belived them. It comes down to we all should have supported one another or we play right into the antis plan and the old saying of when they come for you who will be left to stand with you. This post will quickly be removed becuase it referances cockfighting. With that said are we all standing together?

  3. It seems to me that all individuals with an interest in working with animals should support each other…that means hunters need to support the cattlemen and farmers and pet owners, and visa versa…If we all support each other, and all inform family and friends of the animal rights agenda and how it works, that should put a kink in the plans of the HSUS and other AR orgs who are working to eliminate hunting, pet ownership, animal agriculture, zoos, circuses, rodeos, and research animals. The serious problem resides in the fact that the general public has little understanding or knowledge of all the various animal interest groups and their real practices with animals. So, it becomes very easy for the animal rights orgs to propagandize the public into believing whatever horrific thing they put forward. The end result is anti-animal regulations and laws which affect all of us. So, let’s stand together against this animal rights juggernaught.

  4. Vet Barnes says:

    I agree with Laurella and until we support each other’s hobby and life style we will find ourselves in a constant battle with these radicals who want to end all use of animals. ITS time to share our resources and our membership actions. Many more voices that way to counter act these claims.
    ITS time to join forces now.

    • Mark says:

      Yes what Vet and Laurella said. We lost our Dove season here in Michigan becuase all the hunting groups didn’t work together. Every group was looking out for thier own interest and in the end the anti’s won.

  5. Mike Rossi says:

    I have said for years, that local animal shelters, although not the same as the HSUS, are almost always anti hunting and anti hunting dog. True they do serve as the dog pound in many localities, and purportedly but not documented to my satisfaction, save tax dollars by operating partially on donations and grants… But they are still a big enemy of sportsmen. Another thing, if your hunting dog gets lost and they find it, you may not get it back … And you surely wont get it back without them spaying or nuetering it…

    • Aaron says:

      Mike, I almost forgot to reply to your comment!!! I have volunteered many times at many shelters in my day and never saw, or heard of them spaying, or nuetering, someone’s animal that was known to belong to an individual!!! I myself have trained 100’s of bird dogs, and shame on me have lost a couple… With the proper identification they have all been returned to me with no issues, and some from local shelters in states I didn’t live in!!! Can you please reinforce your comments with facts???

  6. Aaron says:

    I’ll leave the same question on the board, that I have many times!!! Are you telling me no one has ever, tried, or has adopted dogs for the reason in this article??? From here I will tell you that I am a very active hunter (hunted 17 different states in the last 3 years.) And a believer in raising my children and any of there friends that have a mom or dad, that is willing to let them come out with us, the real and true hunting experience!! I myself am a bird hunter by nature, and it is in my blood… So this means I hunt with dogs every chance I can… Currently I live in Texas, and I have not only heard but seen first hand, people that will adopt dogs just to chase hogs!! Not only have many dogs lost their lives, but been injured so badly, that they went and just got more!!! Is this right, not in my opinion!!! In saying this, think of all the different laws we have in this great country of ours, and how many really are there for the everyday person!! Really not a lot but we need them for the idiots that are only about 10 percent of us!! If the fanatics keep pushing it will be hard pressed for children and grandchildren to be able to do what I so love!!! Someday I hope we can realize the true issues and be a part of resolving them!!!

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