7 Reasons the Left Should Be Pro-Hunting

The last 30 days have been chock full of key events that have a tremendous impact on the future of hunting, fishing and recreational shooting in America – events that are leading many sportsmen and women to draw conclusions about (or further cement their conclusions about) Democratic decision makers.

In each of these cases, it was Democrats who led the charge opposing hunting rights, restricting target shooting or decrying the use of firearms for recreational purposes.

  • In Congress, HR, 4089, the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act passed by an overwhelming 274-146 vote.  Of the no votes, 144 were Democrats. (79% of the Democrats in the U.S. House)
  • In California, SB 1221 passed the Senate Natural Resources Committee 5-3; followed by a 5-2 vote before the Appropriations Committee.  All yes votes were DemocratsNot a single democrat voted to protect hunting.
  • And as one might expect, the howls of protest over the shooting event fundraiser in Ohio were by Democratic lawmakers; while the shoot was held by a Republican.

It’s not news that sportsmen have a much harder time gaining support from Democratic lawmakers.  The question is why?  There are so many reasons why the left-wing should love American hunters.

Here are seven:

  1. We’re a minority.  There are roughly 20 million hunters in the United States, making us less than seven percent of the population.  Democrats purport to be the champions of the under-represented.  Here we are!
  2. We eat free range / organic food.  Democrats decry large livestock farms, and the use of hormones in meat.  Whether deer or duck, game is the ultimate healthy choice.  What’s the difference between free-range chicken and free-range pheasant?
  3. We preserve green space.  No single group of Americans puts more money into habitat acquisition and preservation than hunters…billions upon billions of our license dollars and taxes on firearms and ammunition for land that everyone else can use for free.  I thought Democrats love free stuff!
  4. We feed the hungry.  Each year, hunters donate thousands of pounds of venison to local food pantries.  One would think the party of the Great Society would welcome our contribution to the safety net.
  5. We support women’s rights.  There are few things that make a sportsman happier than successfully hooking a woman on hunting.  We’re even okay that they outshoot us many times.
  6. We’re just regular folks.  For every African big-game hunter, there are thousands of hunters making a blue-collar living, and driving our American made trucks.
  7. We’re animal lovers.  Hunters are the ones who pay for endangered species rehabilitation, not Hollywood actors or fashion models.  And don’t even get me started on our dogs.  No one loves and is more obsessed with dogs than hunters.  And we don’t keep our dogs caged in purses where they can’t even turn around or stretch their legs.

My hope is that our left-leaning law makers will read this article, and realize that we really do have so much in common.  And that they will join the minority of Democratic legislators who do vote pro-hunting and put an end to the discrimination that we have endured over the last thirty plus years.  I’m hoping their position on hunting is evolving.

We will have at least two opportunities to see if this happens.

  • This week the full California Senate will likely vote on SB 1221.  We will need no votes from Democrats to stop the hunting ban.
  • And the fate of HR 4089 rests in the hands of the Democratically controlled United States Senate.

It’s an Election year.  What better time to show 20 million Americans who their real friends are.


10 comments on “7 Reasons the Left Should Be Pro-Hunting

  1. calicurmudgeon says:

    As much as I appreciate the pro-hunting sentiment, the problems with this post are sadly all too obvious, to wit:

    1. The ruling elite faction of the Democrat Party, Demunists if you will, only likes minorities that they can control and make dependent. Remember the “99 percent” (sic). Otherwise, hunters deserve the fate of Reginald Denny or the Korean Americans of Los Angeles 1992 as far as the ruling Demunists are concerned.

    2. Said ruling faction doesn’t even want us eating meat. They want us to eat like we live under Pol Pot, all the better to impose that sort of totalitarian rule upon us.

    3. They only like “Green Space” they control, so as to reduce private property rights.

    4. They only feed the hungry in such a way as to control them and make them welfare state dependent. Private charitable efforts are scorned.

    5. They don’t like women who are armed, and as a result, that much more self-reliant, and that much lessd dependent upon their all encompassing State. Moreover, women who love their men and who aren’t bitter man-haters are especially anathema to them.

    6. Regular folks to them are “bitter clingers”. Chairman Obamunist spelled it out.

    7. PETA and other Left groups don’t see pets as real animals. Indeed, they consider people inferior to wild animals.

    • Aaron says:

      And this is why most democratic folks can’t seem to want to bend towards the hunters!!! I am a democrat, and also a very proud hunter!!! I come from a strong family that has considered hunting as a core belief, in my up bringing. Yet even when I hear the hard right speak, it brings chills to my spine!!! Both sides try to stretch the truth and bend the facts so bad it is embarrassing!!! But when the hard right only wants to bash and sling mud at our elected president and tells lies to those that will believe there BS, I can only think that as long as we continue to not want to come and meet with passion and need, it only looks grim to me!!! It’s a shame that the most ignorant have a louder voice than those that know the facts!!

  2. Rob Sexton says:

    Thanks for the comment Aaron. You should know that the US Sportsmen’s Alliance is 100% non-partisan. When elected offcials vote pro-hunting we salute them regardless of party.

    And when they vote against hunting we make sure sportsmen know. We had a bit of fun writing this post, but our point is a serious one. There is no good reason why Democratic legislators vote predominantly against hunting rights.

    Whether Republican or Democrat we have every right to expect their support. And we’ve been more than happy to sing their praises when we they have supported us.

  3. Dave Tavel says:

    I love your tounge in cheek interpretation of why the Left should support our fundamental rights as hunters and fishermen.

    Please tell me where “of the people, by the people, for the people” provides for the Left to rewrite the Constitution. Let’s hope that this does not happen because if it does then Mr. Lincoln’s hope that our great system of govenrment ( “shall not perish from the earth” ) will soon be on life support. And if that happens the Left will vote to pull the plug.

  4. Craig says:

    Oh boy, what a surprise. Nervous about the impending elections, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and every other outdoor equipment manufacturer who makes their goods in China has urged the disingenuous US Sportsman’s Alliance to implement partisan attacks in an attempt insure their goods can be continued to be manufactured in China to reap maximum profit. The US Sportsman’s alliance is simply a manipulative corporate shill duping the everyday sportsman into donating to and voting for the machine that is more interested in benefiting its corporate membership than insuring the future of hunting and fishing for the everyday citizen. How about an article regrading the GOP’s obsession with selling off state and federal lands that are currently being used for hunting and fishing? Opps, that might upset the corporate membership.

    • Matt says:

      Craig, no one requires you to buy goods made in China. You have every opportunity to buy USA made hunting gear if you choose, or to make it yourself. The USSA has no dog in the fight for where sporting goods are manufactured. It is the people who choose to support these businesses and products who are responsible for their success.

      • Matt E says:

        I am not the same Matt that posted in another place on this topic. I am replying to my own comment to reflect this detail. Above I said “Craig, no one requires you to buy goods made in China. You have every opportunity to buy USA made hunting gear if you choose, or to make it yourself. The USSA has no dog in the fight for where sporting goods are manufactured. It is the people who choose to support these businesses and products who are responsible for their success.”

  5. Rob Sexton says:

    Craig: We appreciate the comment but you are mistaken about USSA. You must have missed it in March when we published former Senator Rick Santorum’s comments about selling public land. Regardless it doesn’t change the fact that sportsmen need Democratic legislators to vote pro-hunting in California, in Congress and elsewhere. In most cases they do not, and this is a trend we want to see changed. Our position would benefit hunters individually, conservation, and the sporting goods businesses you criticize.

  6. Matt says:

    The Voting record of the Democrats speak for themselves in California. Is it the Republicans that continue to introduce restrictive legislation on guns and hunting? Is it the Republicans that are in favor of the massacre of the animals at Santa Rosa Islands? I think you have to have your head examined if your a hunter and vote Democrat with all the current legislation being pushed down our throats by our Senators. Ted Lieu is another Villages idiot but unfortunately because he was voted into office the rest of us hunters can potentially loose our freedoms. I am not Republican or Democrat but Independent and vote on merits not brands but unfortunately freedom promoting democrats are a rare breed and on its way to extinction.

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